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Friday, May 9, 2014

Don't fret about the draft.

I know so many people wanted Calvin Pryor or Aaron Donald. And I think Aaron Donald was the Bears #1 choice (based on need, insider reports, and hints that Emery said during press conferences). From what I am reading, Calvin Pryor may have been red flagged by the Bears due to a health concern. But I promise you that you will all love Kyle Fuller. I spent a lot of time watching game film (especially DT, S, and CB) during the off-season. I mean a lot of game film. And I think Kyle Fuller is far superior to any other CB in this draft. He is fairly tall for a CB and he's extremely athletic. And give a trial by fire and some tutelage under Peanut Tillman and we've got another CB here for 10 years.

Also, remember that it was only round 1. And also remember that these players are all still available: DT:
L Nix
T Jernigan
S Tuitt
R Hageman
D Jones
C Reid (who Emery is in love with)
K Quarles (who helped make Clowney better)

C Loston (I loved this kid on tape)
A Dixon
T Brooks (very underrated out of Florida State. He was my 3rd best safety after watching game film)
D Bailey (underrated out of USC)
E Reynolds

 LB: (this is a bit rough. Not a ton of top picks at all, let alone left)
Brown (later round sleeper)
Smallwood (small school intriguing pick)
Telvin Smith

TE: (Very interesting crop of TEs this year)
J. Amaro
A Sefarian-Jenkins
T Niklas
CJ Fiedorowicz
A Lynch
C Gillmore

RB: They're all available!!!
LOVE Carlos Hyde.
J Hill
T Mason
A Williams
D Freeman
C Sims
J White
 They'll be able to get a good one later in the draft. Don't be surprised if the Bears go offense in round 2. They need to go BPA (best player available)and as good as their offense is, there are still some holes (3rd WR, Blocking TE, backup RB, upgrade at RT, backup QB). But I still think they'll still likely go defense. From what I hear Caron Reid out of Princeton is a guy that Emery loves. And after round 2, the safety class will drop off dramatically. So look for a safety or DT in round 2.