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Monday, June 23, 2014

5 Reasons Carmelo Anthony is Not Coming to Chicago

I keep reading all of these Carmelo Anthony to the Chicago Bulls rumors.  It's clear that they make sense...for the Bulls.  The Bulls need scoring to make it past the first round of the playoffs.  Their anemic offense, even with a healthy Derrick Rose, needs a second viable scoring option.  But what's in it for Melo?
Here are 5 reasons to not get your hope up about Carmelo coming to Chicago:

1. Money.
There is so much more money to be had in New York.  By NBA rules, the Knicks can offer Melo 5 years and $129Million as a max deal. Any other team can, at best, offer Anthony 4 years, $96Million.  Then to think that the Bulls can realistically only offer him a 4 year $70Million contract.  By leaving New York to come to Chicago, he is looking at a net loss of $59Million.  Although he may be looking to give a discount for a title, he won't give up that much money.

2. One Dimensional Play
Regardless of whether you think Carmelo Anthony is incapable of playing defense or that he's too focused on offense to waste energy on defense, the fact remains that Tom Thibodeau is a hustle, play hard, defensive coach.  He is also the head coach of the Chicago Bulls.  Why in the world would Carmelo come to a team where he plays in an archaic offense and is forced to expend a lot of energy on defense?  Doesn't make sense for him,

3. Pieces aren't here.
If Carmelo is true to his word and is first and foremost looking for an NBA title, why would he team with Rose (coming off 2 terrible knee injuries), Noah (the ultimate try-hard guy) and their band of merry misfits in his quest?  He could team with James Harden and Dwight Howard in Houston or even Lebron James and Wade in Miami.  Those teams are much closer to an NBA title and could pay him similir, if not more, money.

4.  Who's the man?
Carmelo is a known prima donna.  It's really hard to argue this.  He may get along with others, but does he play well with others?  I would say his experience with Allen Iverson and Stoudemire would say not.  So does he expect to be the man coming to Chicago with former MVP Derrick Rose and all-star, fan-favorite Joakim Noah?  If not, how does he cope?

5.  Lala
Carmelo's wife, Lala, is a huge reason that Anthony left the doldrums of Denver for the night life of New York.  When asked about the impending opt-out of his NY contract, Lala said "Of course I have a say where he goes"  I can't see her wanting to stray far from NY or LA for the arctic cold of Chicago.  Where Lala goes, Carmelo goes.