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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bears open to a reunion with Kyle Orton

Chicago Bear's GM Phil Emery has expressed interest in possibly bringing back Kyle Orton. Emery told Jeff Dickerson on ESPN 1000 "I certainly know that if he had an interest in playing, that would be out in the league. We’re extremely excited about Jay, and we’re extremely excited about the competition we have for the backups. If we see a player at quarterback or any other position that can help us, we’ll certainly take a look." Emery has always been high on Orton and even tried to sign him during free agency in 2012.  The Bears are obviously not too confident in the three backup quarterbacks they have on their roster now.

At 31 years old Orton is a veteran of the league that has been around the block. If the Bears do sign him there will be automatic stability in the depth chart. Jimmy Clausen has looked good in the backup spot thus far in camp but nobody is seeing what the coaches see on tape. Regardless Clausen has been a huge surprise to everyone in camp. The one thing about Clausen is that he has had limited playing time in the NFL.  In his career he has thrown 3 touchdowns and 9 interceptions compared to Orton's 81 touchdowns and 57 interceptions. Although the numbers do not compare very well the touchdown to interception ratio does.

Clausen and Palmer will be the two out if Orton comes to Chicago. Fales will stay because the bears have a draft pick invested in him and probably end up on the practice squad to further develop. Things might get interesting in the next few weeks. Emery has his eye on Orton for the no.2 spot on the depth chart. If something materializes out of this the Bears will have some solid insurance in their back pocket in needed.