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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bears sign Santonio Holmes

In a move that wasn't that shocking, the Chicago Bears decided to bring in outside help for the #3 WR position after the injury to Marquess Wilson.  Wilson looking to be really growing into that position, but will be sidelined indefinitely while recovering from surgery for a broken clavicle.  A hopeful to step-up into Wilson's vacant #3 spot was Chris Williams, however, injuries him sidelined.  Josh Bellamy, Josh Morgan, Michael Spurlock, Eric Weems, and Armonti Edwards have done nothing to impress the fans and the coaches.  So it was logical to bring in veteran help.  The only shock is that it's Santonio Holmes.  

I've heard fan rumblings that Holmes isn't the same WR he was in the superbowl for Pittsburgh.  I've also heard the rumblings he's not a team player.  First of all, he is going to be the #3 option behind two pro-bowl wide receivers and will move to the #4 WR option before the bye week.  So realistically, how much do you want from him?  Second, if you judge solely by statistics, he didn't have a great year last year.  But the Jets passing attack as a whole was anemic.  They ranked 31 of 32 teams in passing and Holmes accounted for about 1/6th of those yards.  Finally, Brandon Marshall is the captain and sheriff in the WR camp.  If you're Santonio Holmes, you can't just come in and turn over the apple cart.  There's a lot of veteran leadership 
to prevent that.

One last bit is that the Bears also parted ways with Eric Weems.  I mentioned on the show that he had 5 bad/sub-par returns, missed a tackle on special teams coverage, and didn't help himself as a #3 WR option.  So it's not surprising that the team is going to part ways with his salary and his poor play.  This will make it interesting in the kick return game.  Look for this to be Michael Ford's "get out of jail free" card potentially.