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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bears season predictions

Week 1: Buffalo Bills
Buffalo is not the same Buffalo of the past few seasons.  They have a mobile QB (mobile QBs caused fits for the Bears D in the preseason), a potent running game, and a new Jim Schwartz defense.  Look for a tougher than expected matchup for the Bears.Prediction: Win

Week 2: at San Francisco 49ers
I predict a big drop off in production for the 49ers.  I don't think they bottom out by any means, but I don't see them as contenders for the division nor for the conference.  I think their defense is vulnerable and the Bears will capitalize.  This will be a shootout. Prediction: Win

Week 3: at New York Jets
The Jets offense is going to be bad.  Really bad.  The Bears defense will shine in this game while the offense struggles a bit.  Low scoring game, but Bears prevail. Prediction: Win

Week 4: Green Bay Packers
I wrote this before the Seahawks/Packers game and I went back and changed this.  the Packers are vulnerable.  Their offensive line didn't look hot and the WRs looked mediocre.  The defense didn't improve and Peppers looks OLDER.  I think this game will be close, but Bears pulls it out at home. Prediction: Win

Week 5: at Carolina Panthers
I think this game will be a bit ugly for Chicago.  I think Cam Newton looks like a probowler and gives the Bears a hefty dose of roll outs.  The running game of Carolina should get going and the Bears offense will have a difficult time scoring on the Panthers defense. Prediction: Loss

Week 6: at Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta will be better than they were last year.  But that isn't saying much.  They are a talented team and will put some points on the board, but I think they shoot themselves in the foot and the Bears win. Prediction: Win

Week 7: Miami Dolphins
I think after this game, people will really start talking about the Bears.  I think the defensive ends put up several sacks and stop the run.  Dolphins D will give up good points.. Prediction: Win

Week 8: at New England Patriots
The Pats will have a long week to prepare for the Bears.  That's not good.  The only hope the Bears have is if they can get pressure on Brady.  The Bears always struggle against Belichek coached teams.  I can't see the Bears winning.Prediction: Loss

Week 9: Bye

Week 10: at Green Bay Packers
Despite the debacle against the Seahawks, this is a good Packers team.  Look for them to avenge the loss to the Bears. Prediction: Loss

Week 11: Minnesota Vikings
Jared Allen welcomes his former team to his new home.  The Bears D focuses on stopping the run and pin their ears back versus a rookie QB.  Bears win this one big.Prediction: Win

Week 12: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Lovie can't put an offense together.  They won't be able to put many points on the Bears and their defense won't be able to hold the Bears down too much.Prediction: Win

Week 13: at Detroit Lions
A short week before heading to Detroit.  I think Megatron has a big game and Stafford avoids big mistakes.  A high scoring game, but Bears can't pull it out. Prediction: Loss

Week 14: Dallas Cowboys
Dallas has serious concerns on defense. The Bears will exploit that.  The Dallas offense can score in a hurry.  I think the Bears D will be able to slow them down just enough to get a 8 point win. Prediction: Win

Week 15: New Orleans Saints
I see a complete debacle in this one.  Drew Brees picks apart this defense and Cutler and Co just can't keep pace. Prediction: Loss

Week 16: Detroit Lions
Just like with the Packers, the home team wins this matchup.  . Prediction: Win

Week 17: at Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota will be the punching bag to a pretty good Bears, Packers, and Lions team.  Bears pull off the Viking sweep. Prediction: Win

Predicted Record: 11-5