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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Play Breakdown: Bears vs Jets

This is a feature I'm hoping to do after every game. We will break down a few plays each game.


As you can see from the formation, the Bears are in a heavy package. There is a good chance they run out of this formation or are extremely worried about pass rush. 2 wide, single back, tight end in tight and an offensive lineman in a TE spot.
The MLB bites on the play action fake.  The WLB is frozen.  However, the wideouts have man coverage with two high safeties to contend with.
After the fake, Cutler drops back  7 steps. By the time he plants, the pass protection has broken down completely.  Eben Britton (lined up as a TE), finds his way to a one-on-one block.  And Forte winds up one-on-one blocking DT Wilkerson.
Wilkerson easily beats Forte and is on Cutler like white on rice.
Wilkerson with the sack and no threat of the wideouts getting open.

Again, it looks like the Bears are in a max protect, dealing with the Jets formidable pass rush.

Unlike the previous play, the line has figured out the correct protections.  Jeffery breaks and Bennett is looking like he will be covered by a flat-footed outside linebacker.

The receivers run routes in the flat.

This leaves Alshon in one-on-one coverage deep coverage and the other receivers that ran the flat and a look off by Cutler freezes the safety.

Even though he doesn't make the catch, Alshon draws the pass interference penalty.

The Bears are running a 3 wide set with TE looking like he'll stay in for protection.

Bears line protection funnel the pass rushers into the middle, leaving Cutler plenty of time to pick apart the Jets defensive backfield.

Quickly Wilkerson and another D-lineman head around Mills, collapsing the pocket and rushing Cutler.

Incomplete pass, with the pass rush covering for the Jets defensive backs.

Bears stack the box with 2 linebackers lined up in the A gaps.

The two linebackers in the A gaps drop back into coverage

You wind up with 5 defenders at the first down marker, trying to keep everything underneath.  Even with a caught pass, a solid tackle forces a punt.

The good coverage allows the Bears to collapse the pocket.  Lamarr Houston reaches his paw up.

Bears had good coverage, Houston gets the tip and nearly catches his own tipped pass.

Bears lined up in a tight, bunch formation.  No additional linemen, but receivers tight, a halfback and running back in the back field.

The Jets lined up like they are bringing 5 pass rushers.

The Jets do bring 5.  The WR isn't in position to block the left side rusher and the pulling linemen can't get there.

Both Bears players try to converge on the blitzer.  As you can see this leaves the corner free to come down to the line of scrimmage.

The free corner funnels Forte back towards the interior line where the play is made.